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The Changing Face of Port-style Wines in South Africa

For the longest time, Port-style wines have found themselves playing on the side-lines, relegated to the realms of a quaint cold-weather indulgence mostly enjoyed by – or in the company of – senior friends and family members. However, as fresh serving styles draw in a new generation, Port-style wines are enjoying something of a resurgence both locally and abroad.

Aug 26, 2021


Unpacking the women-shaped gaps in wine with Felicity Carter

Over the past decade or two, various studies have shown that women’s olfactory abilities are far superior to those of men. Among other things, it has been proven that women have 50% more brain activity when processing smells, and that they are also more sensitive to new odours and fragrances.

Aug 20, 2021


On-trade in South Africa: Adapting to COVID-19 Consumer Behaviour

Over the last year, restaurants, tasting rooms and wine bars have faced the unprecedented challenge of trying to stay afloat in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and severe lockdown measures that followed. While most have done everything they can to embrace the online space, the fact remains that these businesses still need to be profitable in the realms of brick and mortar.

Jul 01, 2021


Are drought-tinged vintages truly better?

Whether one is a wine drinker or not, we know, when it comes to farming, drought is a bad thing. On the other hand, wine lovers may be aware that vines cope and can do well in marginal environments, where other plants would not flourish. (Picture: Callie Louw, custodian, farmer and winemaker at Porseleinberg)

Jun 15, 2021


What old vines can teach us about the future of wine

“Whenever I stand in an old vineyard, I get quite emotional – I feel so small, because these vineyards have been around for so long – some for 120 or 130 years. I look at them and ask: why did they survive?” These poignant words by Rosa Kruger, founder of the Old Vine Project (OVP) perfectly capture the immense reverence, respect and awe she holds for South Africa’s 3 693 hectares of gnarled and knotted old vines.

May 19, 2021


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