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Samantha O’Keefe

Going beyond gender equality

Nov 16, 2020

In this episode, Jono and Samantha delve a little deeper into the reasons why she – as well as many other women in the wine industry – tend to approach the topic of ‘women in wine’ with caution and kid gloves.

As Samantha points out, being a woman in any industry comes with a plethora of challenges – from coming up against prejudice and assumptions, to dealing with serious transgressions such as sexual harassment and even assault.

“I just don’t think it’s an easy topic,” she says. “It’s fraught with perils.”

During the 25-minute conversation Jono and Samantha lithely cover ground littered with landmines and narrowly escape falling down a rabbit hole of the fine line between chivalry and condescension.

You can expect to hear Samantha explain why the term ‘gender equality’ misses the mark and how women in the wine industry could support each other more effectively. She also touches on family values and how leading by example is the best way to instil a respect for women in our sons and a fierce confidence in our daughters.

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