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We thank Cindy Jordaan for 32 years of service! image main

We thank Cindy Jordaan for 32 years of service!


When Cindy started as a sales representative with a then fledgling Vinimark, she joined a team numbering fewer than 10 people. Cindy issued hand-written invoices from her makeshift desk and chair in the warehouse, fashioned from boxes of wine. She never asked for much and to this day Cindy still works out of a converted garage! However, there’s also a time to assert your personal needs and Cindy has now asked whether we’d let her ‘kick back’, and of course there are few more deserving of a well-earned retirement.

Over the years, Cindy progressed to regional manager and eventually assumed the position of sales director. She has overseen the growth of what is today a substantial business relative to its humble beginnings. Facing many challenges, especially in the early days when the boys’ club could at times make things difficult, Cindy had to develop extraordinary assertiveness and steely negotiating skills which she executed with a calm and quiet assurance. These skills coupled with her naturally empathic, warm and generous personality saw her garner the respect and confidence of the trade and her peers.

Much has changed since Cindy started many years back, but what hasn’t is her deep and genuine interest in and care for people generally, and the producers / wineries in particular. Cindy is a custodian of the Vinimark values. Her professionalism, integrity and respect for all those she encounters, has supported her exceptional relational abilities, always seeking to balance the interests to the benefit of all parties. Tenacious, determined and loyal to Vinimark, our producers and customers, she has led by example, entrenching these principles in her sales teams.

Cindy has worked hard over many years and never appeared to perceive success as an entitlement. She has therefore always been quick to remind everyone to celebrate successes, no matter how small. I know that going forward we will continue to celebrate the successes, many resulting from measures put in place by Cindy. We are incredibly proud of Cindy, what she’s achieved over many years and, though we will miss her immensely, we share Cindy’s excitement in now having the freedom to travel, hike, cycle and read much more regularly. And of course enjoy a glass of wine with her friends! Cindy leaves an incredibly strong team, poised to grow ever more successful into the future. Cindy confirmed her wish to retire at the beginning of this year, to be effective at a time convenient to Vinimark. We’re excited to share with you in due course Vinimark’s plans for the future beyond Cindy’s official retirement at the end of June 2021. Be assured also that, with Cindy’s support and guidance, we’ll manage a seamless transition and that Cindy will be available to Vinimark in a consultative capacity for some time beyond the end of June.

Congratulations Cindy and we wish you lots of happiness, health and laughter in the years ahead!

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