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Eckhardt Gerber
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Guy Pause
Chief Information Officer
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Rudiger Gretschel
Production Director
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Helen Kock
Brand Portfolio Director
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Evan Alexander
Export Director
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Jan-Linde Naudé
Operations Director
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Riaan Rautenbach
Sales Director
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Mike Bosman
Non-executive Chairman
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Svend Rands
Non-executive Director
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Abigail Rands
Non-executive Director


Our reputation is one of service excellence and an unwavering commitment to going the extra mile. A market-leader in logistics, we also offer business acumen, insights and analytics to our brand partners and sales teams to ensure that all opportunities are considered. Whether its brand creation or services, we bring expertise, innovation and dynamism to the table. Yet a culture of productivity is nothing without mutual respect, trust and integrity. Our commitment to these values and to promoting a responsible wine culture as part of the healthy enjoyment of life is what attracts people to Vinimark and what makes them proud to be part of the team.

Vinimark is committed to fair employment practices, leadership development, skills training and employee satisfaction. Our values include a commitment to fostering respect and strong relationships between all colleagues and stakeholders; encouraging initiative and innovation and promoting success through sustainable and holistic leadership, objectives and practices. As a major wine supplier, we recognise the need to inform our staff and the public about the safe and responsible consumption of alcohol. Through education and training, we support the elimination of underage drinking, the prevention of foetal alcohol syndrome and the reduction of drinking and driving.


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